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The S4 class WaterLevelDataFrame is inherited from the S3 class data.frame and stores 1d water level information together with the official stationing along the German federal waterways Elbe and Rhine.


In addition to the 1d water level data stored in the data.frame further slots contain necessary information used for or computed during the computation of water levels:



contains the data.frame with at least three columns: station, station_int and w. The columns station and station_int represent the official stationing along the waterways in two different formats. They are totally exchangeable since station <- as.numeric(station_int / 1000) and station_int <- as.integer(station * 1000). The column w represents the height of the water level relative to standard elevation zero (DHHN92). These first three columns are required, but further columns can be added.


is a required slot clearly determining the location of a station. Possible values of river have to be type character, have to have a length of one and are either Elbe or Rhine.


is a slot determining the time for which the water level has been computed. time has to be type c("POSIXct", "POSIXt"), has to have a length of one and be in the range between 1960-01-01 00:00:00 CET and now (Sys.time()) or NA.


possibly contains a data.frame with relevant information about gauging stations within the relevant river stretch and the closer surrounding up- and downstream of the relevant river stretch. It is usually filled by the functions waterLevel or waterLevelPegelonline.


possibly contains a vector of type character with names of gauging stations for which no gauging data existed for the requested time. It is automatically filled by the functions waterLevel, waterLevelPegelonline, waterLevelFlys3 and waterLevelFlys3Seq.


contains information on which function has been used to create (WaterLevelDataFrame) or compute (waterLevel, waterLevelPegelonline, waterLevelFlys3 and waterLevelFlys3Seq) an object of class WaterLevelDataFrame.