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The R package hyd1d is designed to compute 1-dimensional water level information along the German Federal Waterways Elbe and Rhine.


hyd1d is available from CRAN. To install it run:

To install the latest development version from Github run:



The package hyd1d is build around the S4-class WaterLevelDataFrame. To compute and visualize 1-dimensional water level information an object of class WaterLevelDataFrame has to be initialized. Various functions included in hyd1d use these objects and compute water levels stored in the column w.

# load the package

# initialize a WaterLevelDataFrame
wldf <- WaterLevelDataFrame(river   = "Elbe",
                            time    = as.POSIXct("2016-12-21"),
                            station = seq(257, 262, 0.1))

# compute a water level
wldf <- waterLevel(wldf, TRUE)

# and plot it
plotShiny(wldf, TRUE, TRUE, TRUE, xlim = c(256.8, 262.2))