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A function to set the slot gauging_stations of an object of class WaterLevelDataFrame.


setGaugingStations(x) <- value

# S4 method for WaterLevelDataFrame,data.frame
setGaugingStations(x) <- value



an object of class WaterLevelDataFrame.


a new value of class data.frame for the gauging_stations slot. value has to be a data.frame with the following columns and column types: id (integer), gauging_station (character), uuid (character), km (numeric), km_qps (numeric), water_shortname (character), longitude (numeric), latitude (numeric), mw (numeric), pnp (numeric), w (numeric), wl (numeric), n_wls_below_w_do (integer), n_wls_above_w_do (integer), n_wls_below_w_up (integer), n_wls_above_w_up (integer), name_wl_below_w_do (character), name_wl_above_w_do (character), name_wl_below_w_up (character), name_wl_above_w_up (character), w_wl_below_w_do (numeric), w_wl_above_w_do (numeric), w_wl_below_w_up (numeric), w_wl_above_w_up (numeric), weight_up (numeric), weight_do (numeric).


The function sets a new value for the slot

gauging_stations and returns an object of class

WaterLevelDataFrame. Since value is normally generated inside the functions waterLevel or

waterLevelPegelonline this function is of very little use outside these functions.


wldf <- WaterLevelDataFrame(river   = "Elbe",
                            time    = as.POSIXct("2016-12-21"),
                            station = seq(257, 262, 0.1))
wldf <- waterLevel(wldf)

df <- data.frame(id = integer(),
                 gauging_station    = character(),
                 uuid               = character(),
                 km                 = numeric(),
                 km_qps             = numeric(),
                 river              = character(),
                 longitude          = numeric(),
                 latitude           = numeric(),
                 mw                 = numeric(),
                 mw_timespan        = character(),
                 pnp                = numeric(),
                 w                  = numeric(),
                 wl                 = numeric(),
                 n_wls_below_w_do   = integer(),
                 n_wls_above_w_do   = integer(),
                 n_wls_below_w_up   = integer(),
                 n_wls_above_w_up   = integer(),
                 name_wl_below_w_do = character(),
                 name_wl_above_w_do = character(),
                 name_wl_below_w_up = character(),
                 name_wl_above_w_up = character(),
                 w_wl_below_w_do    = numeric(),
                 w_wl_above_w_do    = numeric(),
                 w_wl_below_w_up    = numeric(),
                 w_wl_above_w_up    = numeric(),
                 weight_up          = numeric(),
                 weight_do          = numeric(),
                 stringsAsFactors   = FALSE)
setGaugingStations(wldf) <- df